RSAD Grant Application

The State of Iowa through the Iowa Economic Development Authority every year opens the application process for CVB’s across the state of Iowa to apply for The Regional Sports Authority District (RSAD) grant. This grant is used by CVB’s to actively promote non-professional sporting events in Iowa. The Iowa Economic Development Authority annually selects 10 CVB’s to receive $50,000. Our district has the opportunity to submit a grant application in an effort to support local Johnson County events for the next fiscal year (e.g. July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021). Local non-professional sports event owners can submit information for a chance to be included in this year’s application that Think Iowa City will submit on behalf of the community.

Due to COVID-19 related delays, applications are accepted beginning June 26, 2020, and due July 15, 2020. The submission form is available further down on this page.  If you have would like to speak to our team, please call (319) 337-6592 and speak with Monica Mims ( or Luke Eustice (

How it Works:
  1. Think Iowa City reviews all applications submitted before July 15, 2020.
  2. Events will be judged by Think Iowa City based on following criteria:
    1. Economic Impact (hotel room nights utilized for event)
    2. Leveraged Funds Ratio
    3. Novelty and Quality
    4. Event Size and Scope
    5. Need
    6. Diversity and Minority Impact
  3. Qualifying applications will be included in Think Iowa City’s application to the state for the RSAD grant due July 31, 2020.
  4. Iowa Economic Development Authority awards grants to 10 regional sports authority districts on September 1, 2020.
  5. If RSAD grant is awarded to the Iowa City/Coralville area: Think Iowa City will determine what amount to award each local sporting event included in the RSAD grant application.
  6. Award letters will be sent to each local organization with grant amount awarded and procedures to receive grant funding.
  7. Grant funds will be distributed at the conclusion of the event and submission of all applicable documentation.
Eligible Expense

Only certain expenses are eligible for RSAD grant funding. Events must show proof of eligible expenses at least 1.5 times* the amount of their grant award. Eligible expenses include bid and rights fees, hospitality expenses (on days of competition), payments to vendors, marketing/advertising, venue and equipment rental, promotional materials, production costs, and fees/expenses for officials. Non-eligible expenses include awards, staff salaries, wages, and travel costs, alcoholic beverages. Meals and dining (on occasions other than the event dates provided), solicitation efforts, lobbying fees, items purchased for resale, and participant prizes.  *Please note: For grants received, a 50% cash match is required (e.g. $3,000 marketing expense = $2,000 grant money + $1,000 event budget cash match).

Hotel Management

Because hotel room nights are used to calculate the economic impact of each event. Think Iowa City needs to be involved in the hotel process of your event.  Our team can help negotiate the best available hotel rates and extra benefits for attendees. If you have specific hotel properties you would like to work with or have worked with in the past, Think Iowa City can advocate on your behalf. The end goal is to make sure that a accurate record is kept on hotel room nights for each event to ensure proper recording of economic impact for reporting purposes.  

Applicant & Event Information

If yes, please explain how the professional portion is a separate component (funds are designated for non-professional events only).

Economic Impact & Event Scope


Novelty & Quality

The most recent 2-5 years

Need & Budget


Qualifying Expense Acknowledgment

Only expenditures directly related to the active promotion of a nonprofessional sporting event will be reimbursed under the program. Items that will be considered eligible expense include, but are not lmited to, bid fees, rights fees, sponsorships, payments to vendors, advertising, marketing, venue rental, equipment rental, promotional materials, production costs, and fees and costs to officiants. Ineligible expenses include, but are not limited to, travel costs of applicant staff, solicitation efforts, lobbying fees, meals or dining on occasions other than the dates of the nonprofessional sporting events described in the application, items that are purchased for resale, prizes given to participants, and alcholoic beverages.

Diversity and Minority Impact

(e.g. gender, race, ethnicity, disability)

End of Event Reporting Acknowledgement

The end of event report is critical to the RSAD Grant process. Without this information, Think Iowa City and the IEDA cannot effectively review the impact this grant program is having on Iowa communities. Failure on the part of Think Iowa City to provide this information to the State could result in the failure to award future grants. For this reason, all end of event reports and receipts must be provided to Think Iowa City within three (3) weeks of the conclusion of your event. RSAD funding will be provided after we have received all required documents. If those documents have not been received by Think Iowa City three (3) weeks following the conclusion of the event, RSAD funding may not be provided to you. 

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