Brand Iowa City - the story

Welcome to a community rooted in thought.
A place where creativity is king
And nuance reigns supreme.

Welcome to a world of words
Where genius is quiet, but palpable
And passion is valued over convention.

Welcome to a city of writers, scientists, agrarians and athletes
Dreamers, developers, future leaders and future-makers,
Lovers of liberty, artists and innovators.

A place for digging deeper
For discovering what moves you,
And mastering it.

Where inspiration simmers beneath the surface
Where ideas aren’t just born, but grown.
Where curiosity itself is cultivated.

Welcome to the curious communities of Iowa City, where noisy libraries are the norm and writers and wrestlers both share rock star status. This is where every living President has started his journey over a cold pie shake and a hot debate.  In Coralville, North Liberty, Iowa City and throughout Johnson County, a thoughtful people have considered some of humanity’s greatest questions over a craft beer and the best food in the country.

This is a place where even the brand itself promotes curiosity. Where 1+1+1+1 really does equal one.

Think about it.