University of Iowa Fine Arts Council

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The Fine Arts Council is a self-supporting, non-profit student organization whose members share an interest in promoting the arts at the University of Iowa. The mission of the Fine Arts Council is to provide support and to be available as a resource to University of Iowa artists. The Council has been active since 1970 and advocates a full range of art disciplines. Funds are raised by sponsoring and organizing two annual art shows/sales: the Holiday Thieves' Market and the Spring Art Exposé. A portion of these funds then go towards the Rague Bendigeri Scholarship. On occasion, members of the council will attend art-related events on campus as a way to become exposed to the art community at the University of Iowa and to support student artists. While the Council is primarily composed of students, membership is open to anyone willing to contribute ideas, time, and energy to promoting the arts at the University. Membership provides students and others with an excellent opportunity to gain experience in art management, fund raising, art exhibitions, public relations, and advertising. All interested persons are welcome.