United Life Insurance Company

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Founded in 1962 as a subsidiary of United Fire and Casualty Company, United Life Insurance Company has maintained its roots in Cedar Rapids where it is proud to be one of the Companies of UFG (United Fire Group). For 55 years we have offered a complete line of Life Insurance products. Today our portfolio includes Annuities, Universal Life Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, Term Life Insurance, as well as several Riders including Long Term Care. Our income annuities afford the buyer the opportunity to guarantee a supplemental income for a specific number of years or guaranteed for a lifetime. The most recent addition to our insurance family, the Graded Benefit Whole Life, may be of interest to you if you are having difficulty obtaining life insurance otherwise. Assure your future today by calling your local independent United Life agent or feel free to contact our Home Office at 800-637-6318. Calls from independent agents interested in selling our products are always welcome as well.