New Song Episcopal Church

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Whether you are visiting, moving to the area, or already located here, we invite you to join us for worship every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. Ours is a lively Holy Eucharist service, rich with prayer, music, modern liturgy (Rite II), and joyful participation. In the Episcopal Church, worship offers opportunities for all to participate and contribute to our liturgy in meaningful ways. We enrich our worship with inclusive language that honors Christ’s teachings about God’s divine presence in all human beings. New Song is a warm, open, and diverse congregation. Children are welcomed and find an extended family in their New Song home as we celebrate their presence among us. We believe that we are all a ministering community, rather than a community gathered around a minister. We see ourselves as God’s partners in ministry, and we are becoming a congregation in which each of us recognizes and claims a ministry in our daily lives and in our church lives. We work together to affirm and strengthen the gifts of each member for ministry to one another and to our world.