Lantern Park Nursing & Rehab Center

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Lantern Park Nursing & Rehab Center has been a pillar of long term care in Johnson County since 1970. They have provided quality nursing home care with the addition of Skilled Nursing Care about 15 years ago. This means they can provide for the short term, intensive therapy that can return many people to their own homes. Because of their physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy combined with their nursing care they have been sending 40 to 80 people back home each year. Lantern Park really enjoys being able to help people this way. Actually, the largest number of their residents have already tried and have failed at a lower level of care and really need all the round the clock assistance. Continuity of care is important for the residents and families. They are fortunate in their department heads- they have over 100 years experience just at Lantern Park! It is comforting to build relationships over time that can help ease your apprehension about the whole process.