Iowa Firefighters Memorial

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The mission of the Iowa Firefighters Memorial is to forever honor, celebrate and inspire the spirit, courage and service of Iowa firefighters-past, present and future. The memorial park is an inspiration to Iowans of all ages to continue the tradition in Iowa of service to each other and to our communities. Iowa is the first state to have a firefighter memorial and visitor center echoing Iowa's national leadership in fire service training and safety education. Iowa has 2O,OOO firefighters organized in 871 fire departments. Every year these men and women serve 3 million Iowans in more than 4O,OOO emergency calls. Every Iowan will be touched at some point in life through fire rescue, emergency response, fire prevention education, or hazardous materials cleanup. This memorial park exemplifies Iowa-its pride, family values, community service, and commitment to quality. The site includes the memorial sculpture and wall, eternal flame and a visitor center with restroom facilities. Ample parking and peaceful landscaping complement the tranquil view.