Coralville Lake & Devonian Fossil Gorge

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Coralville Lake has three campgrounds with just over 500 campsites for your outdoor enjoyment that are managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers. The prices vary depending on the the type of campsite selected. Reservations are accepted six months from arrival date for single campsites. For group sites located at Sugar Bottom reservations can be made 12 months from arrival date. A reservation is HIGHLY recommended for camping on any weekend at Coralville Lake during the summer. The campgrounds are typically filled every weekend during the summer. Campgrounds are Dam Complex, Sandy Beach, Sugar Bottom. The Devonian Fossil Gorge is the star attraction. It was created by the Flood of 1993 and expanded by the Flood of 2008 when water topped the emergency spillway. The overflow washed away tons of soil, huge trees, and part of our road. When the waters receded the 375-million-year-old fossilized Devonian ocean floor was revealed. Visitors start their stroll back in time at the Entry Plaza, making their way down into the gorge to find thousands of fossils laid out at their feet!
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