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They are a lifestyle brand that encompasses the passion, professionally, and hustle of the everyday leader. Whether you are on top of your game in the gym, on the deck, in the office, or out and about, you make a statement with what your wear. We are not just about being cool we are about being cool with a purpose. They are all Born to lead. They are all Leaders in their own right. This line keeps them United! ​ BORN They are born with the idea that they will become something great and contribute to our society. Leave a positive legacy that will last forever. LEADERS Leaders make statements and our statement is to have a alternative perspective when it comes to having a voice, standing up for something, and making a difference, we feel the culture needs more. ​ UNITED Represents the collective consciousness to socialize and to unite with one another. Hence be apart of something. ​ They are all Born to lead. They are all Leaders in our own right. This line keeps us United!