Lucas Farms History Day

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Lucas Farms History Day and Tour de Farms Bike Ride highlights the rich history of our neighborhood. We will feature several event stations across out neighborhood, including Plum Grove Historic Home, Highland Ave. Park area, and Yewell St for an Art Fair.

Lucas Farms was founded in 1844 when Iowa's Territorial governor built his historic home here, Plum Grove, and along with his family, managed the farm that grew from 80 acres to 320 acres. The neighborhood includes two other former farms, the Regan tree farm and farm/pastureland once owned by Iowa City pioneer banker, lawyer, and real estate investor, Hugh Dinwiddy Downey. Iowa City history includes two governor's homes, Gov. Lucas' and also Civil War Governor Samuel Kirkwood's home on Kirkwood Ave. Many historic Moffitt houses are featured. Notable Iowa Citians lived in these homes, including Paul Engle (author and Iowa Writer's Workshop), Dr. Elmer DeGowin, pioneering doctor in the field of blood transfusions, and Bill Sackter, hero to the disabled, whose life story was retold in two movies starring Mickey Rooney.

Iowa City is also home to Yewell St. named after Iowa City's first artist, George Yewell. Yewell's artwork is in museums and collections around the world. A number of artists have called Lucas Farms home. Enjoy a free shuttle bus tour of neighborhood highlights, pony rides to harken back to the farm days and the horses the Lucas Family raised here, and family activities including games, refreshments, and a bike ride featuring numerous history stops.

Lucas Farms History Day
  • 1030 Carroll St.
  • Iowa City, IA 52240
  • June 24, 2018
  • Plum Grove Historic Home and Historic Lucas Farms Neighborhood
  • Free