Guster: An Evening of Acoustic Music & Improv

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Look Alive is our 8th album. The bulk of it was recorded in a vintage keyboard museum in Calgary AB, during a January stretch when the temperature reached 30 degrees below zero. We ended up in Canada because our British producer, Leo Abrahams, couldn’t turn around an American work visa fast enough, and we feel lucky to have discovered Studio Bell at the last minute. Despite having access to room after room of well-maintained analog keys, Leo gravitated to a cheap Ensoniq Mirage synth from the 1980’s that made Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation-era sounds from floppy disks. Leo spent countless hours poring over these floppy disks while the band gawked at the mellotrons, harpsichords, and other vintage equipment housed at Studio Bell. It was the beginnings of a stylistic clashthat would ultimately play out beautifully. - An excerpt from Brian Rosenworcel, Guster drummer

Guster: An Evening of Acoustic Music & Improv
  • 221 E Washington St
  • Iowa City, IA 52240
  • March 7, 2020
  • $21 - 56