Art, Death and Digital Futures

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This WorldCanvass program complements "Art & the Afterlife: Fantasy Coffins by Eric Adjetey Anang," on view through December 10, 2017 in the Black Box Theater, IMU.

"Abebuu adekai" (receptacles of proverbs), know worldwide as fantasy coffins, are sarcophagi created and used primarily by Ga people in southern Ghana. In this program, guest speakers will discuss the objects among funerary, artistic (including the market, fashion, and design), and mass media contexts in and beyond Africa. Through examples of Anang's work recently commissioned by the UIMA (and other visual aids), speakers will aim to enrich our understanding of global developments surrounding this African art form today.

Panel participants will include:

Eric Adjetey Anang, artist
Dr. Roberta Bonetti, Associate Professor of Museum Anthropology, University of Bologna
Dr. Christopher D. Roy, Professor of Art History, University of Iowa
Isabel Barbuzza, Associate Professor of Dimensional Practice, University of Iowa
Cory Gundlach, Curator of the Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas, University of Iowa of Art

The event is free and open to the public. A catered reception will be held prior to the event at 5pm.

Art, Death and Digital Futures
  • 136 S Dubuque St
  • Iowa City, IA 52240
  • December 7, 2017
  • Free